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Beulah Boards

Welcome to our Beulah board page.

We at M&N Design have been making breadboards and chopping boards for many years now and only launched our "Beulahboards" range encompassing all cutting, serving, chopping and prepping uses!

Special Offer : Nationwide Delivery Included for Beulah Boards

Each one of our boards are named after something synonymous with Sligo and its natural history and surroundings and also very much inspired by the great "WB Yeats" where he and us took much inspiration from our surroundings.

Inscription Service & Care of the Beulah Board

We provide a personalised inscription service and make the boards even more special making them a perfect gift for anyone.

Please remember that your board will require oiling from time to time as wood tends to dry out in the warm atmosphere of a home.

Please ask and we can provide you with your own bottle to keep your board in tip top condition

Looked after these boards will last many years just like you!

Walking through the ancient forest paths and woodlands one can only imagine what they have seen and heard throughout the years... who knows maybe yeats himself has sat down at the base of an old hazel or yew tree and scribbled a verse for his poem "The lake isle of Innishfree" while looking out over the shores of hazelwood from "Halfmoon bay"

We have sourced some 800 year old Yew from this area and most of the hardwood we use are on average 80/100 years old so when eating off a Beulahboard you can be certain that the tree from which it was made has been around for a lot longer than you and if looked after could be here for many more years to come!

Remember for thousands of years wood has been an important serving and prepping tool when it comes to food, and with natural occurring antibacterial properties in it Beulahboard are a renewable, tough, durable and most of all functional which will enhance any kitchen or restaurant alike and if you already have a chopping or bread board remember... its just not a "Beulahboard"!

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