# Category
1. Coffee Tables
Coffee tables come in solid Elm, Yew, Spalted Beech or Oak.
Coffee Tables
2. Hall Tables
Hall Tables come in solid, Elm, Yew, Spalted Beech or Oak.
Hall Tables
3. Kitchen Tables
8 seater kitchen table made out of elm. this piece has not been polished and is in its natural state.
Kitchen Tables
4. Corner Units
Corner units come in solid Elm, Yew, Spalted Beech or Oak.
Corner Units
5. Mirrors
Yew mirror, vertical hanging, this yew is a few hundred years old and can be found in places of religious settlement, yew is hugely significant in irish folklor...
6. Chaiselonge
Chaiselonges come in solid Em, Yew or Oak.
7. Shelfing Units
Shelfing units come in solid Elm, Yew or Oak.
Shelfing Units
8. Commissioned Work
Radisson table comes in solid, Elm, Yew or Oak. Please note all depending on stock.
Commissioned Work
9. Mantelpieces
Yew Mantle made to order.
10. Bread Boards
This board is made from ancient "Yew" worshiped by the druids as a gateway to the "otherworld" it is steeped in folklore and remains probably the most importan...
Bread Boards