# Category
1. Coffee Tables
Beautiful sligo Elm table with fantastic "Burr" and spalt throughout. please note each table is different and can not exactly replicate this piece as no two are...
Coffee Tables
2. Hall Tables
Hall Tables come in solid, Elm, Yew, Spalted Beech or Oak.
Hall Tables
3. Kitchen Tables
8 seater kitchen table made out of elm. this piece has not been polished and is in its natural state.
Kitchen Tables
4. Corner Units
spaulted beech corner unit.
Corner Units
5. Mirrors
Mirrors come in solid elm, yew, spalted beech or oak.
6. Chaiselonge
Chaiselonges come in solid Em, Yew or Oak.
7. Shelfing Units
commissioned piece, made out of solid beech. approx 7ft tall.
Shelfing Units
8. Commissioned Work
Yew Wizard Chair
Commissioned Work
9. Mantelpieces
Yew over mantle, aged a few hindered years old.
10. Bread Boards
"The Tain" and the famous cattle raid of cooley is famous around these parts and the star of the show queen meave is buried just a stones throw from here.. This...
Bread Boards